Week 18

Monday, June 3, 2013

How far along? 18 weeks
Maternity clothes? Not yet, but I'm thinking soon. I occasionally need to unbutton my jeans when I sit down.
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: At the beginning of the week I was constantly tossing and turning, but the past few nights have been good.
Best moment this week: starting to feel our little baby move!!! It is so incredible :)
Miss anything? bleu cheese and buffalo chicken wraps
Movement: YES!
Food Cravings: nothing really
Food Aversions/anything making you queasy: the smell of fish totally grosses me out. I avoid the seafood section at Whole Foods at all costs.
Have you started to show yet? Yes
Gender Prediction: Pete is still certain our baby is a boy, but I'm starting to think maybe a girl. I'm fairly sure having my mom constantly call the baby her little granddaughter is what is making me reconsider. Lol.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: In
Wedding rings on or off: On
Mood: Happy with occasional irritation
Looking forward to: our next prenatal appointment on Monday


  1. You are definitely showing now! It is so exciting that you have felt movement. I think that the baby is practicing "The Monster Mash"....are you going to find out if it is a boy or girl and let us know ahead of time?

  2. When you guys first told me you thought it was going to be a boy, I instantly thought it was going to be a girl! I can't wait to find out!



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