Week 30 with Baby 2

Saturday, November 28, 2015

How far along? 30 weeks
Weight Gain? 14 pounds
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Mostly good. Waking up a few times each night.
Best moment this week: Pete went to Mexico on a company trip, and Aria and I stayed home. So, when he got home, I took a whole day off  :) It was glorious! haha. As a SAHM, I rarely never get a day off, so it was extra special. I got a pedicure, did some shopping, and went to yoga! I need to talk to Pete about taking a day off once a month. ;)
Miss anything? feeling comfortable.
Movement: Baby Girl is a mover and a shaker. She moves much more than I remember Aria moving. Either that, or she just moves differently. Baby Girl likes to kick my ribs and press on my bladder. 
Food Cravings: none
Food Aversions/anything making you queasy: not really
Symptoms: I've been having problems with my sciatic nerve. I had the same problem with my first pregnancy, but luckily it showed up later this time around. I'm searching out a chiropractor to help me out. Aria and I were both sick this week, which is never fun. She developed a cold first, and I got it a few days later.
Labor signs: No
Belly button in or out: out
Wedding rings on or off: On
Mood: Happy
Looking forward to: Getting adjusted by the chiro!

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