Week 31 with Baby 2

Saturday, November 28, 2015

How far along? 31 weeks (picture is 31 weeks and 5 days)
Stretch marks? no
Sleep: Ok. I'm quite uncomfortable from being sick. I seem to crash really hard for a few hours, wake up to pee, crash really hard, wake up to pee, and on and on.
Best moment this week: Pete has been such a comfort and help while I've been sick. I feel so fortunate to have him. He's an amazing husband and daddy!!!
Miss anything? feeling good/comfortable. I still have a cold, which I'm fairly certain has actually developed into a sinus infection. Needless to say, I've been miserable.
Movement: YES!
Food Cravings: not really
Food Aversions/anything making you queasy: no
Symptoms:  I'm still having problems with my sciatic nerve. I saw the chiropractor, and the adjustment helped for approximately 12 hours... until I picked up Aria wrong. I realized I've been holding her on my right hip and jutting out my left hip, causing them to go out of alignment and pinching my sciatic nerve. Now, to figure out how to hold and cuddle my 2-year-old without hurting myself...
Labor signs: A few braxton hicks during the middle of the night.
Belly button in or out: out
Wedding rings on or off: On
Mood: Happy
Looking forward to: Thanksgiving Food!

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